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Yuletide reveal!

So I wrote two stories this year: one got HOLY JESUS CRAPTONS OF ATTENTION WTF and one got about the usual amount, all of which was very nice. It was a bit startling to be on the receiving end of that much attention though, let me tell you.

Anyway, my two stories:
The Roommate of +10 Confusion, for Piscaria, in the Calvin & Hobbes and Foxtrot fandoms. I was so very excited to see this prompt come up, and I wrote it all in a frenzy (as severuslovesme can attest), and I am so glad that people enjoyed it. It was terrific amounts of fun to reread all of my collections for both fandoms, I must say. Most fun I've had for Yuletide yet!
There must be some scientifically sound way for Jason Fox to be able to quantify his new college roommate, but he hasn't found one yet that fits. Especially when he factors in the stuffed tiger.

Where Once the Queen, for sinisteraglets, is a 10th Kingdom fic about how Christine Lewis became the Queen. I rewatched the 10th Kingdom TWICE (and it's seven hours long!) because I couldn't find any transcripts for this fandom, but it was an interesting write. I liked it a lot.
Are you lost, my child? Are you lost? Let me show you the way. Come to me. Come with me, and you will lose your pain...forever.

I will be posting both here soon....ish, so that I can crosslink to communities. But for now I'm just going to leave them up on AO3.

ETA: I also wanted to say that this has been the best Yuletide EVER for me, not just because my story was so well received, but also because I got these marvelous ones written for me that are so wonderful, and because all the people on #yuletide were so darned NICE, and because it's just one big happy community. I am so glad I started doing this three years ago. Best decision of my LIFE.